How POULTRYMON Can Increase Your Profit!

Who are we

MLIT Solutions is an industrial IoT platform for digital transformation and smart manufacturing/Industry 4.0. We deliver end-to-end IoT Solutions for manufacturing, agriculture, and poultry farming, to help them unlock new levels of productivity and potential. Our digital manufacturing solutions are scalable and provide complete operational visibility to allow real-time decision-making and improved levels of quality for a data-driven approach. We innovate processes and customer experience by leveraging best-in-class technology enablers like smart automation and data analytics. Our IoT-based smart poultry monitoring system, PoultryMon, helps poultry farmers automate their hatchery operations offers real-time poultry monitoring. With our

What We Do


1. Weight

The weight of birds plays a pivotal role in determining their quality and price for commercial purposes. Weighing birds manually can lead to errors and omissions in data records. PoultryMon helps in bird weight management and measurement, and it automatically weights the birds and records the data in the system. The records of bird weight can be transmitted further to connected devices for commercial purposes.

2. Hatchery

We help in making hatcheries and farms smarter by offering predictive maintenance. Our smart remote condition monitoring system, PoultryMon, monitors the hatchery processes and alerts on any anomalies or unexpected changes in the processes. Our IoT approach delivers detailed hatchery monitoring, management, analysis, and reporting on a mobile device.

3. RHT

In poultry farms, production conditions like humidity and temperature are critical. An extremity in such conditions can reduce weight gain and increase susceptibility to disease of birds. Our IoT-based real-time smart remote monitoring device helps in monitoring and controlling the humidity and temperature remotely. Our IoT-based system is embedded with a wireless sensor network that automatically monitors the environment on temperature and humidity parameters and enables remote control of conditions from any mobile device connected with the IoT system.

4. Brooder

Brooding is prudent for raising healthy chicks and providing the heat required until they can regulate their body temperature. Even a minor temperature change can cause major losses. Our remote temperature monitoring device, PoultryMon, detects the farm temperature automatically maintains the favorable temperature for brooding without any human interference.

5. Cold Room

We offer our IoT solution for cold room facility to monitor the necessary parameters and regulate them in case any deviation from the preset values occurs. Our smart IoT sensors alert whenever there is a system failure on a mobile app or web. For well-organized stock management, our system collects and records data related to every activity and sends notifications in case of anomalies.

About Product

PoultryMon is a real-time remote monitoring solution for Poultry hatcheries and farms that delivers real-time poultry monitoring and consistent process monitoring through every level of operations. The IoT-based approach helps in hatchery management, analysis, and reporting over mobile or web for increased productivity and quality by enhancing visibility into the process using AI and IoT.

Product Features

  • Remote monitoring on parameters such as temperature, Humidity Power, Door  Rack, turning, Ammonia, Co2, Air Quality, and Airflow.
  • Unit level alarm and customized mobile notifications for any condition changes
  • Monitors real-time accurate values on local device display)
  • Automatic data logging records data at user-selected intervals
  • Notifications & Alerts on mobile for any unexpected condition changes)
  • Data reporting and traceability allow real-time data tracking and provide historic data records.


  • Improves yield in hatcheries
  • Reduces mortality rate in farms
  • Real-time analytics enables data-driven decisions
  • Enhances quality and promotes quick growth
  • 15% savings in human resources
  • 10% savings in energy and resources
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Welfare of birds

Return on Investment

PoultryMon is a device that aims at exceeding the returns of poultry farmers. The following factors will ensure a higher return on investment:

  • Enhanced production quality 
  • Improves the health of poultry product
  • Operational efficiency
  • Quickens commercialization 
  • Decrease in the death rate of birds 
  • Cuts cost of human resources
  • Better price for a better quality of farm produce

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